Red Dead Online No Longer in Beta

Red Dead Redemption 2’s multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, has finally come out of beta. Red Dead Online “launched” in beta last Nov, around a month after the game had released. Since then, the game mode has received innumerable updates and patches, adding new features, new clothing options, balancing this and that. The usual for any live-service game. Still, for a long time, most fans were clamoring for more content; more story missions; more co-op activities. It felt for along time like Rockstar was drip-feeding us content, waiting for the right time to unveil the big content updates. Now, that time has come.

Pulling from the Rockstar Newswire, this update has a launch to chew on, so let’s get into it.

To start with, there are finally new Land of Opportunities missions. These are specifically the Red Dead Online missions, centered around a widow by the name of Jessica LeClerk. Depending on your standing with the law, you will partake in one of two mission branches, but each one will lead you to a “rendezvous in Blackwater with a dangerous adversary.”

There are also some new Free Roam missions, some of which will include familiar faces from the Red Dead Redemption 2 single-player open world.

Bring your Posse to meet with Thomas the Skiff Captain down in Bayou Nwa for some honest work or visit the disconcertingly hospitable Aberdeen Pig Farmers to get your hands extremely dirty, and look out for more characters to appear soon.

There are also some new challenges to tackle, either solo or as a posse, new dynamics events like those that Arthur Morgan may have come across in the single-player, new weapons and clothing options, a new showdown mode, and finally Poker! Players can find a table in a select few saloons, take a seat and matchmake into a poker game with other players!

There are numerous other changes, including a new hostility system, two new play styles, Offensive and Defensive, that should help protect players who would prefer not to engage in shootouts or hog-tying with other players in the Free Roam world. The Newswire post also mentions that PS4 players should keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog for info about new “Early Access” content coming soon.

There’s a lot of new content coming to Red Dead Online, so if you’ve been on the fence, or if you simply left because of griefers, maybe this will have enough to bring you back. Read about all this and more on the Rockstar Newswire here.

Will you be jumping back into Red Dead Online? Let us know in the PS Naion Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

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