Review: Secretlab TITAN SoftWeave Chair

Product: TITAN SoftWeave Charcoal Blue
Release Date: October 2018
Manufacturer: Secretlab (UK Site)
Original MSRP: $530.00
This product was provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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Secretlab has several chairs available for the discerning gamer. However, when you take a look at their site you will notice some of the lovely products come in a leather and fabric option. Having reviewed the classic and superb TITAN leather chair, my inquisitive mind often pondered how different the SoftWeave fabric option would be.

The unit arrived in a near identical box, and why wouldn’t it as it features almost identical specifications. It took the same amount of time to put together, around twenty-five minutes, and the instructions, complete with clear color images, are very easy to understand. I didn’t need any help but was overseen by my oldest daughter who wanted to be the first to try it out.

As I mentioned in my previous review for the leather TITAN chair, I have had a bad back for many years, and as soon as I sat my derriere in that beauty I knew I couldn’t go back to an inferior product. Now, after eighteen months I can safely say my constant back pain has drastically reduced with the singular difference being the chair.

I am delighted to report that this beautiful fabric option has the same cold-cure foam featured in the leather counterpart, which provides superb cushioning and support without any loss of shape. Even now, after more than one thousand hours of my taxing frame, it feels like the first day. This might sound like I’m on an infomercial spouting off ridiculous claims, but I can assure you this is all true.

Onto the major difference with this new chair, Secretlab’s signature blend of short-yarn high-quality fabric. The grams per square metre is a durable three-hundred and fifty, yet it still feels very soft and breathable. Perfect for those hot summer days.

The ‘new chair smell’ was quite strong with this one and still lingers after a week. I don’t mind it but the wife moaned about it once or twice; after trying out the chair, the complaints ceased and she told me to swap it with the current chair. I believe this is in part due to how I set this one up.

I angled the seat on more of a tilt so I sink into the backrest, which I also leaned back a little bit more than the original chair setup. This made it feel more relaxed and because I didn’t adjust the built-in lumbar support, it feels a little softer too. All of this can be done with the current chair but I guess most people don’t bother adjusting something unless it irks them.

I noticed a few small design changes to the range that improve the feel of the armrests and pillow, which was already very comfy. It also fits better thanks to the welcome addition of an adjustable strap. The metal has a nice new finish and looks even better than my original.

The TITAN range of chairs are the epitome in their class and the SoftWeave is an extremely comfy and more breathable option. An excellent choice for a warm climate or the consumer who dislikes leather. The quality and build of these chairs are exceptional and I cannot fault them.

I’ve mulled over which upholstery I would pick and I’m ashamed to say that I cannot decide. To make things worse there is a load of awesome colors and special editions including a stunning and sleek Batman Edition. I’ve spent many hours admiring them on their site.

Scoring this chair was very easy. The quality and comfort these chairs offer is unrivaled and deserves your full attention. They are built to last and will be the envy of all who see and experience it.


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Written by Chazz Harrington

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