Episode 638: The Little Debbie Penguin Wars

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Sony Purchased Insomniac Games
Final Fantasy 8 Release Date
Yakuza Colllecton Announced
Gamescom Recap

New Releases
MXGP 2019: The Official Motorcross Video Game $49.99 (E)
Wreckfest $39.99 (T)
Wreckfest: Deluxe Edition $59.99 (T)
Metal Wolf Chaos XD $29.99 (T)
Penguin Wars $19.99 (E)
Crystar $59.99 (T)
Control $59.99 (M)
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan $29.99 (M)

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Website Reviews
Penn and Teller VR: FU, U, U, and U (PSVR)
Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot (PSVR)
Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition (PS4)

What We’re Playing and Watching
42:15 The Division 2
44:08 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Alpha
48:40 Overwatch
51:55 Bit Bash Recap


Twitter Questions/Comments

Since not everyone listens to “torgocast” maybe Glenn would like to jump on and give everyone a quick update on the extra life prizes? Or just a quick email?

Name a popular tv show that you watched after it finished airing. For me its breaking bad. My friends kept telling me it was great and last year I finally watched it. #askpsnation

#askpsnation reboots. What’s your general opinion on it? Do u think it happens too much or not enough? What would u like to see get rebooted, video games series, tv series or even a person’s career.

With the amazing Insomniac being purchased by Sony, do you think we will finally get a Resistance Collection on PS4 or maybe Sunset Overdrive now? #AskPSNation

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