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The NES Zapper ignited a desire in my childhood self for a light gun accessory, which was more than satisfied when the G-Con (GunCon in America) was released for the PlayStation. Sadly, due to the advancement in television technology, those guns have become obsolete. Although now we have something much better specially designed for the PlayStation VR.

For those of you who have just purchased or will be picking up the PS VR Aim controller, take a look at all of the games compatible with the elusive accessory.

Arizona Sunshine “has one or two issues but it manages to drag itself beyond the minor gripes and rare bugs to deliver an enjoyable, if somewhat short, zombie-filled VR experience.”
– Chazz
Beat Blaster “is a VR game about Shooting & running where everything happens to the beat of the music. An original mix of styles with each level offering a new challenge.”
Borderlands 2 VR “The iconic shooter-looter gets in your face! Virtually immerse yourself in the untamed world of Borderlands. Step into the boots of a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter armed with 87 bazillion guns on a quest to line your pockets with loot.”
Bravo Team “Teamwork is at the core of the game. Bravo Team has been developed to allow both single player and online 2 player co-op where you and your teammate must use everything at your disposal to survive.”
ChromaGun VR “An enjoyable puzzle game that works perfectly with the Aim Controller. Although, it isn’t necessary to own the sleek controller to play this, as the DualShock 4 works well enough. Solving the color-themed puzzles using the reluctant WorkerDroids is fun and gets the gears turning in my brain.” – Chazz
Crisis VRigade “is a good game but sadly, for me at least, too darn hard. I did like the fact that it has improved since it first released and enjoyed playing the two new missions. The new content alone is deserving of a small bump to the score.” – Chazz
Crisis VRigade 2 “Duty calls again! Crisis VRigade 2 takes up the baton of the first chapter and takes it to the next level: more action, more shootouts, more weapons, more difficulty, more blood, more everything!”
Dick Wilde “For anyone who misses the old light-gun games or just wants to go crazy and shoot some critters, this is the game for you.” – Chazz
Dick Wilde 2 “better than the first in almost every way, but the difficulty hinders the fun for some players, and unlocking better weapons isn’t easy either. I love how the Aim Controller hasn’t been forgotten and the weapons are great too.” – Chazz
DOOM VFR “While it is fully playable with the Aim and Move, and I appreciate the option to use various control schemes, this title stood out more with the traditional controls. And when it stood out, it stood out well.” – Rey
Drone Striker “The development of technology in this world has resulted in artificial intelligence replacing police and military to uphold world peace. But the AI defense network gradually became self-aware. It judged that humans were the largest threat to this world and launched a war against them.”
DWVR “Feel like an action hero while switching seamlessly between an arsenal of guns, swords and spells as you blast your way through murderous hordes. DWVR is a high speed shooter that uses motion controls to put you in the shoes of an action hero. Your VR controller becomes an extension of your arm as you take aim with your gun or cast spells.”
Review: Evasion (PSVR)
Evasion “Evasion feels like the next evolution in science fiction shooters under the headset. Its feverish pace, coupled with intuitive controls, evokes a feeling of those Triple-A titles that we’ve all been waiting for.” – Rey
Farpoint “is a riveting VR space adventure set on a hostile alien planet. On a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, a sudden rupture nearby sends you and their station crashing onto an unknown alien world.”
Review: Firewall Zero Hour (PSVR)
Firewall Zero Hour “If you’re an FPS fan and own the VR headset, this one is a no-brainer. If you’re not an FPS fan and own a VR headset, you should really give this a chance. The online community is great, and pretty friendly too.” – Rey
Honor and Duty: D-Day “takes place during the D-Day landing in World War II. Play TDM, Domination, and Battle Royale in 32 player matches. Drive tanks, jeeps, and trucks in large open maps as you search for the enemy.”
Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition “Fast paced, arcade style, FPS action awaits in this World War II based shooter. Traditional FPS gameplay is joined with some elements of RTS base building to provide a unique FPS experience.”
Review: Operation Warcade (PSVR)
Operation Warcade “is an interesting title. I give the developers full marks for their creativity and their vision, the execution just tends to fall a little short in some areas.” – Josh
Scraper: First Strike “Your mission is to help the HRF take back Reactor Building 3, restore power to the secret military base, and drive back the Humech robots that have seized New Austin. You’ll explore the world with full locomotion controls, and will be able to modify your weapons, engineer new parts for your POD, and barter for consumables that will help you on your journey.”
Sniper Elite VR Release Date: TBD. “One bullet can change the course of a war…

Southern Italy, 1943. Fascist forces occupy your homeland. Using stealth, authentic weaponry, and your skilled marksmanship as an elite sniper, fight for the Italian Resistance in this exhilarating first-person shooter.”

Special Delivery “Dodge cars, dogs and tornadoes as you grow your subscriber base and expand your paper route in this arcade inspired newspaper delivery game.”
The Brookhaven Experiment “Something has gone terribly wrong. There aren’t many people left these days. The…things that showed up – after the Experiment tore a hole through reality – have seen to that. You’re not sure how much time you, or humanity itself, has left. If you have enough bullets, maybe you can live long enough to fight off the monsters and see tomorrow.”
The Perfect Sniper (VR) “is a story-driven VR game in which you take on the role of a deadly assassin. Complete missions as you’re guided by Jazz in finding and then eliminating your targets. Car chases, helicopter take-downs, arcade modes and all the VR Sniper fun you could want in this stylized but deadly experience.”
Unearthing Mars 2: The Ancient War “You will play the role of Deputy Commander in the ‘Unearthing Mars’ mission, trying to unravel the secrets hidden in the Phobos Fragment from the Ark Research Center’s closed-door study. Through the Ark Device, you will experience a war across outer space and return to the Earth and Mars of ancient times.”
Wraith (VR) “Wraith is an action-packed survival shooter. Take on increasingly deadly enemies using an arsenal of weapons, a real-time marketplace to purchase them along with ammo, upgrades and more.

Challenge yourself or your friends in trying to survive as long as possible in this deadly VR shooter.”

What do you think of these games and the PS VR aim controller? What games would work well with the accessory? Why not let us know in the Forums or on Twitter using #AskPSNation.

List will be updated when possible, feel free to add compatible games in the comments if we aren’t quick enough.

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